Minnesota Food Waste Grants Available

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ST. PAUL (WJON News) – A new grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency focuses on wasted food prevention and food rescue efforts.

Officials say at least 2% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing wasted food represents an opportunity to help people and mitigate climate change at the same time.

Organizations that serve Minnesota communities (non-profit organizations, businesses, institutions, political subdivisions, state agencies, and tribal organizations) can submit their plan to expand or create a program that will reduce or prevent food waste by May 2nd.

Approximately $4.5 million in funding is available, with a minimum grant award of $75,000 and a maximum award of $1 million. Grantees will be required to provide a 25% match of the grant.

For more information, find the Prevention of Wasted Food and Food Rescue Grants webpage here.


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