Helldivers 2’s next Major Order just suffered

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Helldivers 2’s ongoing Major Order has tasked the community with liberating Tibit before the weekend is done, but the war effort on the Galactic West just suffered a fatal setback and High Command is blaming distracted divers for the loss.

Helldivers 2 players managed to make strong progress in their efforts to liberate the western theater against the Automatons, but a surprise twist from Game Master Joel made players choose between defending planet Draupnir or quickly liberating Ubanea. Helldivers couldn’t quite mobilize in time, though, and have since lost access to Ubanea, which would have been Super Earth’s stepping stone to reach its Major Order goal: Tibit. 

“Faced with the choice of dedicating adequate troops to hold Draupnir from a direct Automaton assault, or to attempt the liberation of Ubanea to serve as a new planetary base of operations, our troops opted for the latter,” a statement from High Command, posted on the game’s subreddit, says. “The initial hours of indecision resulted in insufficient concentration of troops to achieve either objective.”

Ubanea reportedly stood at 95% liberated before it eventually fell and would have required “another few hours to be completed,” according to the High Command statement. 

Our Super Earth overlords also pointed a finger at soldiers occupied elsewhere. The botdivers versus bugdivers civil war is usually a fun social media frenzy, but High Command notes that the 35% of divers fighting against bugs could have made all the difference on the bot front. “Victories need to be earnt in order to be meaningful, and victory has not been earned this day.”

High Command also had tough words for the soldiers perpetually stuck on Malevelon Creek, sometimes known as creekers or creekheads. “Malevelon Creek remains locked in a stalemate with an average of 25% of our forces committed to its defense and eventual liberation, though success on Draupnir, Ubanea, and eventually Tibit seems unlikely with such a large contingent diverted elsewhere.”

While High Command blames creekheads, some other players in the subreddit are blaming developer Arrowhead themselves for not clearly showing off supply lines in-game. For those who are unaware, planets on Helldivers 2’s Galactic Table are connected by invisible supply lines, so liberating one planet will open the way to others. The game itself doesn’t show players these lines, though a handy fan-made website does. Thus, even though Malevelon Creek is part of the current Major Order, liberating it isn’t the most efficient way of reaching Tibit.

Helldivers 2 players at least have the overpowered Quasar Cannon Stratagem, which they’re already begging Arrowhead not to nerf.

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