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Over the last several weeks, a number of reports on social media have surfaced from iPhone users claiming their alarms don’t properly play a sound. Apple has since confirmed that it’s aware of this problem, and says it is working on a fix.

Apple confirmed the problem to the Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern this morning. The company said that it is aware of a problem causing some iPhone alarms to not play the expected sound and working on a fix.

On social media, some users have found that the problem relates to the Attention Aware features on iPhone. This feature is designed such that if you’re looking at your device, it will lower the volume sound of your alerts.

Social media users speculate that the Attention Aware feature is incorrectly detecting attention and lowering the volume of alarms, even when the iPhone user is asleep. Apple hasn’t confirmed whether this is actually the cause of the problem.

To disable Attention Aware Features, open the Settings app, tap Face ID & Passcode, then toggle off Attention Aware Features.

Have you experienced this problem on your iPhone? Let us know down in the comments. A new report from the TODAY Show below highlights the problem below.

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