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“Royal Rules of Ohio,” a Hollywood reality television show that details the true story of a wealthy Ghanaian family in the United States of America, has started airing.

The first episode of the show was released earlier this month, marking the beginning of an entertaining and enthralling journey that showcases the battle between the three Agyekum sisters and their millionaire parents.

The docu-series, which revolves around the three sisters and their navigation of life as Americans with Ghanaian roots, provides an interesting perspective on the struggles of Ghanaians born in the diaspora.

The show highlights how Mr. and Mrs. Agyekum left the shores of Ghana to create wealth in the United States of America through hard work, perseverance, and determination.

Despite their long stay in the US, Mr. and Mrs. Agyekum continue to hold on to their Ghanaian customs and traditions and attempt to instil them in their children who were born and raised in the US.

For their three daughters, the challenge of impressing their parents is compounded by navigating their academic, professional, and relationship lives.

The family show, which airs on the popular Hulu platform, sheds light on the privileges, struggles, and responsibilities of being the child of millionaire Ghanaian parents in the US.

The documentary stars Thelma Agyekum, Nana Agyekum, Brenda Agyekum, Akili Bobo Agyekum, and Delali Agyekum and is produced by Studio eOne. The executive producers are Tara Long, Ben Megargel, Madison Merritt, Kim McKoy, Amy Callahan, and Jayson Elmore.


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