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You can do a lot with AI these days, though there’s a bit of a debate going on as to whether or not you should.

This new technology is a pretty controversial topic as there are plenty who argue against it and think it’ll have a harmful impact on the creative industry.

Quite a lot of AI generated things don’t really pass the believability test, as many of the things computer programmes have thrown together have a homogenous quality that just screams to your brain that no human hands have gone into this.

Then, of course, there’s the problems that come with sticking AI features onto everything without fully understanding what you’re doing in the first place.

Still, there are a number of people using AI to generate content online, including a recent video which created a TV show where humans are basically extinct and have become a Bigfoot-esque myth.

This whole thing was created by AI, though the script was still the work of a good old human brain. (YouTube/Neural Viz)This whole thing was created by AI, though the script was still the work of a good old human brain. (YouTube/Neural Viz)

Content creator Neural Viz created a couple of minutes of footage of an AI generated show called Unanswered Oddities, a sort of paranormal talking heads show.

To be clear, the script for this show was written by an actual person, it’s just that all the visuals and voice acting was generated from AI.

What the AI has produced is a serious of bulbous gremlins discussing their supposed close encounters with humans, along with speculation that our species was wiped out as people reaching the bottom of escalators were mulched by the revolving staircase.

This footage was posted onto Reddit where people have been a bit weirded out by the end product.

While some of the characters came across as ‘creepy and weird’ there was pretty widespread praise for the script written by an actual human, with people saying it was ‘amazing’.

Is it the future of the entertainment industry, or its biggest threat? (YouTube/Neural Viz) Is it the future of the entertainment industry, or its biggest threat? (YouTube/Neural Viz)

One person predicted that as AI tools developed, there would be ‘a lot of garbage’ but there could still be space for talented ideas to develop.

Someone else said: “That’s the main advantage of these tools.

“They open opportunities for those that lack skill or resources in some area of the craft but still want to express their creativity through that same craft.

“And that is a good thing IMO.”

The video’s creator said they used a number of AI tools to generate the footage and produce voices for the various characters that appeared in the video, and that these two minutes of footage took them ’12 – 14 hours to put together’.

They also said that using such tools could ‘boost the human element’.

On the one hand, AI has allowed someone who wrote a script to turn their efforts into a couple of minutes of actual footage within the span of a day.

On the other hand, plenty of people oppose AI on the grounds that it’s taking jobs and occupations that’d keep people employed.

It’s unlikely to be a massive issue when one content creator decides to give it a go, but there have been times when much larger studios have turned to AI to do jobs they could easily have afforded to give to a human.

Disney came under fire when their Secret Invasion show launched and viewers spotted that the opening credits had used AI and people got upset that the multi-billion dollar company didn’t spend some of their money on a person to do that job.

Who knows what the future holds?

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